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Go-Go Town! unveiled as a new vibrant town sim for PC and console

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Coming in 2024, Go-Go Town! is a new town sim due to release on PC and console. But what makes it most exciting is the fact that it is being put together by a team with ex-Activision and Rocksteady talent on board. 

Go-Go Town! has been revealed at the latest The Future Game Show showcase, that of Spring 2023, as the team at Prideful Sloth build the hype for their upcoming vibrant town / city sim. It’s that team which is full of some serious AAA veterans, headed up and led by a former Activision producer and Rocksteady Technical Artist. 

Due to launch on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam at some point in 2024, Go-Go Town! will throw you into the centre of a rundown town, proudly proclaimed as the Mayor, looking to turn fortunes around. But it isn’t long before you discover that you’ll only got the role due to a giant con, pushed along by the greed of TownCo corporation. Their planned town restoration is a huge scam. 

You think you can still change things around though and so with careful planning look to take the town from the clutches of the corporation, restoring it to former glories. 

From there, you pretty much get the tools you would expect of a new town mayor. Terraforming the land is par for the course, utilising power tools will bring the fun and the chance to build out new roads, shops and more will be present. Of course, the usual gaming staples of unexpected challenges and utter disasters will occasionally play out. 

“We’re excited for players to dive into Go-Go Town!”, says the team at Prideful Sloth. “We can’t wait for players to experience the joy of building and managing their own town, and we look forward to seeing how each town evolves into a thriving community full of life and excitement!”

2024 may seem a while away but if you’re up for the restoration of Go-Go Town and think you have enough about you to prove yourself as mayor, then feel free to take in the reveal trailer below and crack on. Your town needs a-building! Oh, and you’ll be able to partake in a bit of fishing too – it’s just this one will be far removed from that found in DREDGE.

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