There is nothing better than being able to add some super cheap DLC to the game of your dreams. If Pure Hold’em on Xbox One is your thing, then you need to listen up!

In fact, you need to roll up as the Ringleader DLC pack for Pure Hold’em on Xbox One has arrived. It’s priced at just £1.59 and that ensures that it should be something any card shark should at the very least be considering.

It’s not going to change your life massively, but new skins and packs are always welcome in these parts. If you agree with those sentiments, then you should be heading on over to the Xbox Games Store immediately, grabbing the content and then sitting down for a few hands of the world’s greatest card game. No, sorry, you can’t play SNAP with them!

If you wish to know more about Pure Hold’em on Xbox One, perhaps as you wonder if it’s worthy of your download time, then you could do worse than hit up our full review of the game. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts either – our comments section, forums, and social channels await your opinion.

DLC Description:

Roll up, roll up! Be leader of the pack with the Ringleader deck.

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