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Grab some first person speedrunning puzzle action as DeadCore arrives on Xbox One


Combining first person platforming, a bit of speedrunning and plenty of puzzles, DeadCore has arrived on Xbox One. The question is – after a release on PC a good few years back, is it something Xbox One owners should be looking at?

Well, taking into account the price, the lovely visuals and the fact that Grip Digital are behind it, we’d hazard a little guess that DeadCore is worth a shot. Available right now from the Xbox Games Store for just £6.39, DeadCore represents terrific value for those looking for something a bit crazy.

Going equipped with a SwitchGun, you’ll be tasked with wandering through a world full of traps and complex mechanisms, tons of gaps to make your way over and a decent smattering of foes to eliminate. There will be plenty of mysteries to uncover in the world of DeadCore, but with a focus on speedrunning, you’ll need to work out the best way to optimise your time as you explore. You’ll need to be quick too, as the inclusion, and draw, of the online leaderboards will probably be enough to have you going back time and time again – if only to beat the times of your friends.

If you fancy getting down with a bit of exploration, fancy solving some puzzles or just want to blast your way through the speedrunning modes, then get over to the Xbox Games Store now.

Game Description:

DeadCore is a First-person Platformer blending exploration, speedrunning and puzzles. Following the successful release on PC in 2014, DeadCore is now coming to Xbox One! After falling endlessly through powerful magnetic storms you wake up in a desolate world. Your memory erased, you start exploring this place surrounded by void as cryptic messages appear around you. Suddenly, you spot a gigantic Tower emerging from the mists. You soon understand that in order to find the answers you need, you must climb all the way to the top. Equipped with a ‘SwitchGun’, a special weapon allowing you to activate or deactivate the Tower elements, you set off on a perilous journey full of traps, complex mechanisms, gaps to cross and lethal foes, a journey that will eventually allow you to solve the mystery surrounding this strange and abstract world… DeadCore is strongly focused on speedrunning: every level has at least 2 main paths and several secret passages you have to find to optimise your time. It also features a special Speedrun mode with dedicated maps you can unlock by finding ‘Sparks’ hidden in the main levels. As you progress through the stages, you find power-ups that grant you new abilities and allow you to reach new locations. There are also many types of collectibles to find that unlock new content such as narrative logs, new maps, new music tracks and much more! Can you uncover the secrets that lie beneath this fog-ridden world? Key Features Explore a mysterious world made of immense and staggering levels with a labyrinth of secret passages to discover. Unlock new powers and upgrades in order to gain access to new areas of the Tower. Reveal the secrets of the Tower by collecting fragments of memory from its former inhabitants as well as new levels and music for Speedrun mode. Challenge your friends to see who can top our online leaderboards in Speedrun mode where every hundredth of a second counts!

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