GRID: Autosport is out this week and Codies have teased a few details with regards to their downloadable content plans.

DLC for Autosport was something we enquired about at our recent hands on but no details were given at the time. Now though, future content has been teased, albeit without too many details.

What we do know though is that any future content will come in two forms; Car Packs and Mini-Expansions.

The Car Packs will do exactly as you would expect….they will include new cars for the game. Codemasters curreently have three packs planned but you can be sure if those go well, more will be in the pipeline. Most importantly though, you’ll still be able to race against your mates even if one doesn’t have the DLC.

And then the other type of DLC will be Mini-Expansions. Bringing a brand new addition to the single player experience, each expansion will revolve around a specific theme and will include new locations, new cars and in some cases, new game modes. We’re pretty excited about this and so as soon as further details are announced, we’ll bring it straight to you.

Oh, there may even be an Xbox 360 Season Pass in the works. Here’s hoping!

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