When talk of an update arises within GTA Online, chances are there is usually something to be excited by. Recent weeks have seen the After Hours update confirmed and teased with players said to be able to get lost in the euphoria of the night, with nightclubs coming to the game. Today the update bringing them has finally arrived, alongside the returning fan favourite character – Gay Tony.

With the After Hours update, players will have the opportunity to build from the ground up, from an empty Los Santos venue all the way up to the running the hottest club in town. With assistance from none other than Tony Prince (Gay Tony), players will be able to get hands on the finest sound systems, decorations and even the biggest DJ’s to ensure your club is packed day and night – all the while hiding a vast criminal network from behind the doors as you transfer in-demand contraband from each of your businesses to be sold on through the night.

On top of this, there will also be unique missions to run to ensure their club has the running bar, staff, security and equipment it so desperately needs to be successful and with promotion opportunities available. It’ll be down to you to ensure the profits keep rolling in as you look to build the biggest and best nightclub in Los Santos.

Of course, what fun would a nightclub be if you couldn’t get involved in the antics, and what better way to do just that then busting out some moves on the dance floor as you battle for awards up for grabs, or maybe you’d rather chill out in the coveted VIP area, sipping champagne and downing shots with you friends from behind the bar. If you’re lucky enough, you may even see the occasional celebrity drop on by to get in on the nightlife.

Whilst it’s important to have your nightclub antics under control, it’s also important to keep all other business ventures running as smooth as possible and with the After Hours update, it couldn’t be easier. From the Nightclub Warehouse, players can now manage every owned business from one location, whether it’s smuggling cargo, or mixing a fresh batch of meth from your Biker Buisness, players will now be able to take control of everything without having to leave the sanctuary of your nightclub resort, not to mention it makes for a great way to increase revenue once you start to see business roll through the door.

Naturally the Technicians that can be hired to sort this necessary hassle for you can’t do everything alone and you will need to ensure you have a delivery fleet at the ready to get the cargo moved. This can be done in both large or small transactions, with smaller transactions posing less of a risk, whilst the bigger moves provide a healthy profit.

To make things easier though, you will now be able to enjoy some exciting new vehicles with the Vapid Speedo Custom that comes included with the Warehouse Garage and can have optional armour plating and a swivel-mounted machine gun added at your own expense for extra security, whilst the Maibatsu Mule Custom and the MTL Pounder Custom are much larger vehicles capable of securing the bigger and riskier deals for your business ventures, with each coming pre-equipped with armour and weapon customisations.

If that’s not your type of thing then maybe the new customised Dinka Jester Classic, the Mammoth Patriot Stretch, or the Ocelot Swinger are more for you? Or maybe it’ll be the Festival Bus that will get your party started!

The final feature to be enjoyed courtesy of the After hours update is the latest Business Battles that are available right now in Freemode. In Business Battles, players will take part in a first-come-first-serve opportunity to take possession of some extra products for your illicit Nightclub Warehouse ventures, but be warned, with every man out for himself the competition for the bonus cargo, weapons and products couldn’t be fiercer, so ensure you don’t go out empty handed and keep ammo supplies stocked.

So, with the nightlife now running wild in the streets of Los Santos, will you be jumping in to ensure your club can become the biggest name in Los Santos? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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