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It has been rumoured for a while but now finally the first person mode in GTA V has been confirmed.

Coming exclusively to the next gen versions of the game, GTA V will allow Xbox One and PS4 players the option to switch in to and out of a first person mode whenever they fancy it. So whether you are playing as Michael, Franklin or indeed that crazy fool Trevor, you can go get lost again in a once familiar world, but this time through their eyes as opposed to behind them.

The switch to next gen has allowed Rockstar to completely overhaul not just the environments but also include nice little touches like the character whipping out his mobile to take a selfie or throwing on a sense-muting helmet every time he jumps on a bike.

We may have thought GTA V was awesome on the Xbox 360, but the upgrades and additions that are being included on the Xbox One version makes us think that it’ll be a whole new game.

Look out for GTA V when it releases on Xbox One, PS4 on November 18th with the PC version dropping early in 2015.

You can check out the video over at the official Rockstar site.

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