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If you like your 2D platformers to be tough as hell, it’s your lucky day because Elliot is here to whisk you away to a colourful world where looks can be deceiving. Inspired by the 16-bit hardcore classics, Elliot is ready to pose a real challenge on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Coming from JanduSoft – whose other titles include SlabWell and Indiecalypse – Elliot follows the journey of a whimsical little blue ball that’s commonly known in this world as a Momba. The titular Elliot has just one other friend within his rather musical species, Manuel, and after a couple of strange occurrences, these two must solve a mystery while overcoming whatever lies ahead. 

Expect to traverse over 60 levels across a total of 11 chapters, armed with merely the abilities to run, dash and jump in any direction. Despite how easy that sounds, it’s highly likely you’ll die, die, and die again, but at least you’ll respawn really quickly. Elliot is almost guaranteed to raise those stress levels, especially if you’re trying to speedrun the entire thing. To take the edge off slightly, there’s a soundtrack that’s sure to relieve the tension and the option to search out collectibles could be a welcome distraction.

A clear love letter to the classics, Elliot could be all yours for the minimal sum of £4.99 from the Xbox Store. Alternatively, it’s also available on the PS Store and the Nintendo eShop, if you’d prefer to grab it at either of those!

Game Description:

What will you find? -Two loveable characters, Elliot and Manuel. -Collectibles to help you discover the story of Elliot’s World. -You yourself, making titanic efforts to get through the 60-plus levels in 11 chapters. -Stress, frustration and possibly rage. but don’t worry, the soundtrack will make everything much easier. -Speedrun mode, if you want to break personal records or challenge your friends. -Achievements, in case the ordinary game itself leaves you in need of more.

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