Whilst we may be unsure on the future of the popular Hitman series, one thing we know for sure is that the episodic venture was darn brilliant. If you’re one of those who bought into The Complete First Season for the full experience however, then listen up, as your experience isn’t quite as complete as you may expect.

To qualify and unlock the purchase availability for the Hitman Game of the Year upgrade, you must first own Either Hitman: The Complete First Season, the Hitman Upgrade Pack or have purchased all episodes of Season 1.

Those who meet the requirements above however will have the option to purchase the Hitman Game of the Year Upgrade, and it’s an upgrade you probably won’t want to miss.

Buying into the Game of the Year upgrade will bring a ton of new content to players, with a brand new four-mission campaign titled Patient Zero which brings with it new gameplay mechanics and features, three new Themed Escalation Contracts, three new Outfits and three new Weapons.

The new missions that form the ‘Patient Zero campaign won’t bring new areas for players to explore, however they will instead significantly rework the existing levels in the game to provide the new experience whilst also giving a plotline for the new pandemic outbreak that Agent 47 must contain and halt.

Alongside the new missions players will also find 40 new and unique challenges specific to the campaign, whilst the new outfits included consist of a Cowboy outfit, an all-black Raven outfit, and a Clown outfit that series fans will remember well from Hitman: Blood Money.

Those wanting to jump in with a purchase of the Hitman – Game of the Year Upgrade can do so now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for the price £15.99. Alternatively, those yet to get in on the latest Hitman adventure can do so with a purchase of the Hitman – Game of the Year Edition for the price of £44.99 which will become the standard version available on the Microsoft Store.

Not every new addition in Hitman is a paid for experience however and today also sees a substantial update available for the game which brings a vast number of changes including a redesigned UI, major lighting improvements across all missions, improved sniper rifle audio, an updated store, small rewards for those who took part in Elusive Target missions improved Contract discoverability and much more.

Whilst all improvements are certainly welcome, the shining additions include the highly anticipated 4K visual upgrade and surprisingly the return of specific Elusive Targets.

Elusive Targets have been time specific missions that have appeared in Hitman and have offered a much more challenging experience than that found in the base game. For those who took part in the missions up to this point, a small reward can be found in game. Those who missed out on Elusive Targets without making an attempt on the mission will find the one-attempt missions available to play through, albeit with the same rules as when they were originally active. Whilst this is surely contradictory to the general rules of Elusive Targets, it will provide a great opportunity for anyone who missed out first time round to take their best shot at the missions once more.

So, there we have it, everything you can expect to find in the Hitman Game of the Year Upgrade Pack. Will you be jumping back in with Agent 47 for what could be his final outing? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

GOTY Description:

“You must own either ‘HITMAN – The Complete First Season’, ‘HITMAN – Upgrade Pack’ or have individually purchased all episodes from Season 1 to be able to use this item. Search for the other ‘HITMAN Game Of The Year Edition’ options if you do not own any of these items. Upgrade your copy of HITMAN to the GOTY Edition now and get immediate access to the Patient Zero campaign plus all the other new content included in the GOTY Edition. The HITMAN – Game of The Year Edition Upgrade includes: – “Patient Zero” campaign featuring 4 brand new missions including new gameplay mechanics and features – 3 new Themed Escalation Contracts – 3 new Outfits – 3 new Weapons

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