With the physical disc release of Hitman’s first complete season now available in stores, IO Interactive have brought about the availability of some new premium content for their masterful assassins, that today finds its way onto the Xbox One Games Store.

Those wishing to take down their contracts in style will want to head on over to the store and check out the new Hitman Blood Money Requiem pack now available to download on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for the price of £3.99. This new DLC brings back the iconic white suit of Hitman’s previous adventures of Hitman: Blood Money. There is nothing better than dressing players in the iconic shirt and tie.

Alongside the new Legacy Suit comes the Silenced ICA-19 Chrome Pistol. With the reflective finish on this deadly weapon of choice mirroring its sophistication.

Finally, the Requiem Pack brings players the most unique weapon in the inventory of Agent 47 – the White Rubber Duck Explosive. This duck is more than just a distraction as this small potent device will incinerate those unfortunate enough to interact with it, whilst leaving no evidence of the agent who places it.

So, there we have it, a genuine stylish choice for the ultimate in luxury assassination. Good Luck Agents.

DLC Description:

With the Requiem Pack, you will receive special items for use in the game from the beginning, to enhance your performance in the field.• Requiem Legacy Suit – don the classic, buttoned ivory white suit as seen in one of the most celebrated levels of Hitman: Blood Money.• Blood Money Shirt and Tie – combined with the Requiem Legacy Suit, nothing beats the traditional pinstripe off-white shirt and accompanying crimson red tie. • White Rubber Duck Explosive – more than just a distraction, this small but potent device will incinerate those unfortunate enough to interact with it.• Silenced ICA-19 Chrome Pistol – the reflective finish on this reliable favourite mirrors its deadly sophistication.

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