You may have noticed a little Homefront: The Revolution trailer in amongst the big Xbox news at Gamescom. Wanna see it again along with some screenshots?

Deep silver have released the full cinematic trailer and latest screens for The Revolution. Scheduled for release on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac and Linux in Spring 2016, it’ll be fully playable at Gamecom 2015 at the Deep Silver booth in Hall 9.

Throwing you into an alternate future where a humanitarian crisis has brought the US to its knees, surveillance drones, armoured patrols and polive violence have become part of every day life. You’ll need to fight an un-winnable war against a superior military force, using hit and run tactics as you spread the flame of revolution. 



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6 years ago

Cannot wait for this game! And not just because I’ve lived in Philly my whole life 🙂 Hopefully the campaign is a little longer that the first one…