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Puzzlers come in many forms, but perhaps the most intriguing of those are the minimalist ones. SiNKR on Xbox One plays that to a tee.

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One, SiNKR doesn’t ask for much from you, except for the need to push your grey matter to the utter limits as you try and manoeuvre some pucks into various holes,

Simple huh? Well, yes, initially. But SiNKR ramps up the difficulty fairly rapidly over its many levels as you work with hooks, spindles and weird contraptions as the complexities rise.

A price of just £3.35 means a purchase of SiNKR will hardly break the bank, and this launch ensures that it is one of the very cheapest Xbox One games currently available – for that reason alone this is a hugely tempting proposition. Truth is though, it’s a damn good play through as well, delivering handcrafted levels, a decent tutorial that ensures you understand all new mechanics, and a rather lovely backing track to allow further immersion. With no scores to worry about, timers to chase or text to distract you, this really is one of the most minimalist games around.

Want to know more? Our full review of SiNKR on Xbox One can be found here – it’s pretty safe to say that we loved the game. Further to that though and you may well be temped in even more by watching our latest Let’s Play of SiNKR on Xbox One. If you do give it a watch, please remember to like and subscribe. You can stick the notification bell on if you like too.

If you wish to get hold of SiNKR on Xbox One for yourself, the Xbox Store will sort you out.

Game Description:

SiNKR is a minimalist puzzler. There is just you, hooks, pucks, and various contraptions you need to finish each level. Sink all the pucks to advance.

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