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How to Power Shot Like a Pro in EA FC24


So you’ve mastered the basics of EA Sports FC 24 and now you’re ready to bend it like Beckham. Power Shot is one of the most satisfying ways to score in the game, but it does take practice to pull off. The good news is, with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be blasting balls into the back of the net in no time. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to unlock the Power Shot, the perfect timing and aim to use, and a few advanced moves to really embarrass your opponent’s keeper. Before you know it, you’ll be striking fear into the hearts of defenders and goalies everywhere with your wicked Power Shot skills. So grab your controller, lace up your virtual cleats, and let’s get to practicing your Power Shot. By the time we’re done, you’ll be scoring screamers from every angle.

Understanding Power Shots in EA Sports FC 24

To unleash a power shot in EA Sports FC 24, you need to understand the controls and timing.

Hold the shoot button until the power meter fills for a power shot. Release when the meter turns red for maximum power and accuracy. Time it right to blast the ball into the net from outside the box.

Aim the left stick towards the top corners of the goal to increase your chances. Power shots targeted at the upper 90 have a higher success rate.

Don’t overuse power shots. Mix up your offensive attacks to keep your opponent guessing. If you power shot every time you’re in scoring range, they’ll catch on and block more easily.

With practice, you’ll be bending power shots around walls, and rifing rockets top shelf in no time. Master this skill and you’ll dominate in online play and career mode!

Timing Your Power Shot

To unleash a power shot in EA FC 24, timing is everything.

Focus on your player’s run-up

As your player runs up to strike the ball, hold down the shooting button to start the power gage filling. Release the button when the gage reaches the maximum power mark. Any later and you’ll blast it over the net. Too soon and it’s a weak dribbler easily stopped by the keeper.

Practice the timing in training mode to master it. Start with 3/4 power shots and work your way up as you improve. The split second between a goal and a miss can come down to reflexes and muscle memory.

With practice, you’ll be bending it like the pros in no time. A perfectly timed power shot is a thing of beauty and the key to dominating on the pitch. Now get out there and make the back of the net ripple!

Aiming Your Power Shot

To aim and execute a power shot in EA FC 24, follow these steps:

Focus Your Aim

Line up your shot by positioning your player directly facing the goal. Hold the left trigger or L2 button to activate Precision Dribbling. This gives you more control and a steadier aim. Aim slightly above or below the center of the net, not directly at the goalie. The goalie will have an easier time blocking a straight-on shot.

Determine Shot Power

Hold down the shot button (B or Circle) to power up your shot. Release the button when the Power Meter reaches 3/4 to full power for the most effective power shot. Be very careful not to overpower the shot, as this can cause you to miss the goal completely. With practice, you’ll get better at gaging the right amount of power to put behind your shots.

Follow Through

Once you’ve aimed and powered up your shot, follow through by holding the left stick in the direction you want the ball to go as you release the shot button. For extra curve, hold the left stick diagonally. Follow through gives your power shot extra accuracy and bend, helping it fly past the goalie into the back of the net!

With practice, you’ll be bending in power shots from all over the pitch in no time. The key is taking the time to properly aim, gage your power, and follow through on every shot. Master these techniques and you’ll have goalies shaking in their cleats every time your player lines up to shoot!

Getting the Right Player Attributes for Power Shots

To execute power shots like a pro in EA Sports FC 24, you need players with the right attributes.

Strong Shot Power

Having players with high shot power, preferably over 85, is key. These players can rocket the ball and bend it like Beckham. Strikers like Ronaldo, Mbappé and Haaland are ideal.

Good Finishing

A high finishing attribute, 80 or above, means a player will put shots on target and have a better chance of beating the keeper. Clinical finishers thrive in the box.

Decent Long Shots

For power shots outside the box, look for players with 70+ long shots who can blast missiles from distance. Midfielders like Pogba, De Bruyne and Bale are great options.

Skill Moves

Four- and five-star skill players can create space for power shots using feints like scoop turns, Rabona fakes and sombrero flicks. Neymar and Dembélé are highly skilled dribblers.

Weak Foot

Having a strong weak foot, preferably four or five stars, gives players more options to get power shots off and aim them precisely. Versatile players like Messi, Salah and Son can strike powerfully with either foot.

With players boasting these attributes in your squad, you’ll be striking fear into opponents and scoring power shots for fun in no time! Practice the advanced shooting skill games to master power shots of your own.

Practicing Power Shots to Score More Goals

To score more goals in EA Sports FC 24, practicing power shots is key.

Aim for the Corners

Aim for the upper 90, the sections where the post meets the crossbar. Goalies have a harder time defending shots targeted at the corners. Place your shots in the side netting for the best chance of scoring.

Hold the Shot Button

Don’t just tap the shot button, hold it down to unleash a power shot. The longer you hold, the more power and curve you can put behind the ball. Release the button when the power meter is in the green “sweet spot” for the most effective blast.

Curve Your Shots

Bend your shots around defenders and goalies by curving the ball in the air. Aim slightly away from the goal, hold the shot button and swipe in the direction you want the ball to curve as you shoot. Curved shots that bend into the goal are very difficult to save.

Practice these techniques in skill games and matches to get a feel for power shots. With regular practice, power shots can become second nature and help take your goal scoring to the next level!

Join Tournaments in the EA FC 24 on a Reliable Platform

When playing EA FC 24, participating in the online tournaments is a great way to test your skills and win real money. Look for platforms like Duelmasters that host EA FC 24 tournaments and offer cash prizes. The key is finding one you can trust.

Seek out verified tournament platforms and accounts. This helps ensure a fair and secure gaming experience. Unverified platforms may seem appealing with promises of big payouts, but often turn out to be scams.


You’re now ready to unleash those power shots and bend it like Beckham (or Messi or Ronaldo). Practice the techniques, get a feel for the power meter, and don’t be afraid to experiment. The key is timing – release at just the right moment to get the perfect power and curve. With some practice, you’ll be hitting top corner screamers in no time. So get out there on the virtual pitch, line one up from distance and let it rip. When you see that ball sail into the net, you’ll feel like a pro. Now go show your friends those new skills – they won’t know what hit them! Power shot accomplished.

TXH loves nothing more than kicking back at the end of the day, controller in hand, shooting the hell out of strangers via Xbox Live.

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