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How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition is now available as a digital download on Xbox One.

Originally out on Xbox 360 at the back end of 2013, How To Survive on Xbox One includes the original game plus six thrilling downloadable packs. You can read our review of the Xbox 360 version by clicking this link and it may just tempt you in to a purchase on Xbox One

Game Description:

A complete edition including the original crafting survival zombie nightmare plus 6 additional thrilling DLCs. How to Survive now is more fun and tougher than ever. Survive on a zombie infested archipelago, fulfill your basic needs of food, water and shelter while facing natural and unnatural threats. – An eccentric survival guide will teach you to craft dozens of weapons and tools: from fishing rods or bows, to chainsaws or explosives. – 7 islands filled with exuberant flora and fauna.

You can download How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition via the Store tab on your Xbox One right now. Alternatively, make your way to the Xbox Games Store.

Picking it up?

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