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Iconic Dungeons & Dragons setting Ravenloft arrives in Neverwinter


Neverwinter continues to be one of the most generous MMO’s on the market and today is no exception as the new setting of Ravenloft is added to the game.

The Gates of Barovia is the 13th add-on for the free-to-play title that originally launched back in March 2015. This update brings with it a new and meaningful day-to-night cycle, a Tarokka card collection and an endgame dungeon set within Castle Ravenloft.

Sent on behalf of Lord Neverember himself, brave adventurers are tasked with investigating a group of Vistani wanderers. Assisting them puts the players on the path to the cursed land of Barovia and a showdown with the vampire lord, Count Strahd. Gothic horror plays a huge role in this update, a stark contrast from what has been before in Neverwinter. From the Vistani camp to the Ruins of Berez, this is a classic and legendary Dungeons & Dragons setting.

The change from day-to-night now means that monsters and NPCs differ as the day goes on. And with different monsters means an increased difficulty. These new monsters are also extended to the Monster Hunt activity with a new encounter in the fabled Yester Hill.

Along with all these new enhancements, the new update brings with it some quality of life improvements along with Astral Diamond refinement changes, Refinement Point event bonuses, level scaling adjustments and much more.

Neverwinter is available to download right now for free and contains hundreds of hours of content. This latest expansion arriving on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is mainly focused on endgame content, but for new players there is still a lot of fun to be had. Do you still play or are you a new player? Let us know in the comments below!

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