Night Lights Xbox

Sometimes even robots need to see in the dark. Can you help guide your metallic companion to safety? Night Lights releases today on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

The latest release from Ratalaika Games is a puzzle platformer set in the dead of night. Your robotic companion experiences a world that needs illuminating. The lights can help light up your way but also act as a way to make shadows disappear. Use the lights to remove the shadows and allow your robot friend to progress in this 2D puzzle platformer.

Features include:

  • Light-based puzzle platform gameplay
  • 45 levels with increasing innovation and difficulty
  • Calming and minimalist art and sound aesthetic

Across the 45 levels you can collect crystals to activate the light sources to help break through the shadows. As well as the crystals, collect the shards to resurrect the fallen star and bring light back to this world.

Lights can be found in the world. They can be attached directly to the robot or controlled via the mechanical contraptions in the world. In this minimalistic platformer, will you be able to control the lights?

Night Lights and its cute robotic sprite are ready to download now from the Xbox Store priced at £4.99. There is an early adopter discount if you are quick, reducing the price to just £3.99. Being a Ratalaika game, you can be sure of easy achievements, but does Night Lights have addictive gameplay too? Stay tuned for our review to find out.

Game description

The world is different at night. Take on the role of a tiny robot and embark on an adventure to illuminate a darkened planet. Learn the tricks around the incredibly unique mechanic of manipulating light and shadow to change the surrounding environment, solve intricate puzzles, and ultimately collect shards to resurrect a fallen star. Collect crystals to activate different tools & light sources, pierce the darkness and be a beacon of light as you solve increasingly difficult puzzles in the stylized world of Night Lights.

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