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If ever there was a vehicle that emphasised fun, it would be the “anything but subtle” monster truck. How can you not smile at anything with wheels that size? Therefore, making a party game centred around them makes complete sense, and that is what we have here. Go monster trucking in Crazy Trucks on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Designed for one to four players, Crazy Trucks is an arcade racing game plus a whole lot more. Completely different from the simulation titles such as Monster Truck Championship, Crazy Trucks has slightly crazy physics. Take the fight to your friends locally and size up your opposition in a variety of modes:

  • Football – A football match designed for 1v1 or 2v2 players
  • Elimination – Clear the arena of your rivals before they get you
  • Storage Wars – Collect and store tires scattered across the map
  • Challenge – Jump over your rivals on the world’s highest ramps
  • Endurance – Race against opponents on challenging tracks
  • Scrabble – Complete the slogan by collecting lost letters
  • Collect – Find items scattered throughout the arena

and more …

That more includes standard racing modes alongside these party modes.

Make your truck stand out with tons of customisation options. Choose from dozens of trucks to make you stand out from the crowd. Then customise your matches to how you see fit, either to give yourself an edge over your friends or level the playing field. Crazy Trucks ensures lots of replayability.

If you need a new party game for the festive period, look no further than Crazy Trucks. Promising over ten different game modes, it is available to download now from the Xbox Store priced at £8.39. Stay tuned for a review coming soon once we have wrestled the controllers back from our friends.

Game description

Jump into this pure arcade gameplay and shake up the Monster Truck world by dominating your rivals in an extreme face-to-face confrontation!


  • Party racing game for 1 to 4 players
  • Monster Truck themed arenas
  • Realistic yet slightly crazy physics
  • Dozens of trucks to choose from
  • Over 10 game modes with additional settings
  • Highscores to compare yourself with friends
  • Numerous tracks customized for game modes
  • Customizable victory conditions
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