League of Enthusiastic Losers Xbox

I am sure at some point, we have all fond ourselves cruising through life without much purpose. Some people are ok living like this, others, not so much. But how do you get yourself out of a rut? You could take a leaf out of best friends Vitya and Volodya’s book and find yourself a treasure map. Find out how they get on in League of Enthusiastic Losers, out today on Xbox.

Vitya and Volodya hope this treasure map will be the answer to their problems, mainly of a fiscal variety. Facing debt problems, they hope this map will lead them to fortune and fame.

Don’t get League of Enthusiastic Losers mixed up with League of Legends. The former is set in Moscow during the latter stages of the USSR. You can experience what that period of history was like for a younger generation. Vitya and Volodya will meet new friends in this tale grounded in reality. Their story is told with a real slice of life attitude, what may seem mundane activities to some could be very enthralling to others.

League of Enthusiastic Losers is on the Xbox Store now priced at £4.19. If you are really interested, you can get this cheaper for just £3.35 as an introductory offer for a short period. Or wait until our review comes out and then make a decision. It is on the way soon.

Game description

FRIENDSHIP WITH HURDLES Vitya and Volodya – two best friends and heroes of our story – swim with a struggle in everyday life and try to stay afloat. Facing an eviction, they decide to find a treasure that will help with debt repayment. In the course of the adventure, they will meet many new friends, witnessing unaverage (or in the eyes of some very average) events for a typical housing complex. NOSTALGIA LETTER TO THE 90S Take a stroll in the red and white trolley on the streets of former USSR Moscow. Face the problems of a young generation of liberated, though not entirely free, Russia. Learn about the everyday life in the neighbourhood. Experience the bittersweet taste of finding yourself in adulthood. A CHARMING REAL-LIFE STORY Decide the fate of your heroes and guide them towards happily ever after. Thanks to the charming graphics you will be transported straight back to the time when the internet was a western invention. A warm and enveloping soundtrack will put you in the mood for an emotional voyage.

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