Thought times were hard? You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve spent some hours with Struggling on Xbox and PlayStation. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS4, Struggling comes to console via the Frontier Foundry and Chasing Rats Games teams as it looks to provide Xbox and PlayStation players with what could well be the ultimate struggle. 

Struggling is nothing but a weird old physics-based cooperative platformer, one in which you and a friend will look to overcome the struggles that lay ahead. Joining the world of Troy, you’ll be tasked with heading out on a legendary adventure in which you’ll need to seek out the Abomination Gods. Why? Well who knows. But it’s how you’ll do it that makes the struggle in Struggle, real. 

You see, Struggle will have you controlling one arm of an unfortunate human experiment, whilst your cooperative mate will control another. Working together you’ll be found overcoming a variety of obstacles and issues, launching yourself over chasms, plugging waste pipes and attempting to yank levers for, well, why would you not yank a lever!? And if you can’t find a mate? Well, you’ll have to do it all yourself.

Features include:

  • Two hideous heads are better than one – Inventive co-op will test the firmest of friendships. Grab a partner and work together by controlling one arm each. When even walking takes a combined effort, communication is key to keeping your cool.
  • Crawl, swing, clamber, and slide to victory – Manipulate each arm independently and latch onto literally anything you see, from suspicious levers to dangling eyeballs. Triumph over physics-based challenges, or get your arms ripped off in the process (don’t worry, they grow back).
  • Weird levels, even weirder objectives – Your pilgrimage encompasses dodgy labs, perilous canyons, and even a psychedelic fever dream. Plug waste-spewing pipes with your flailing limbs, launch yourself across yawning chasms, and discover complex machinery you have no business operating.
  • Gleefully depraved visuals – Grotesque graphics drawn by appalling human hands. From moist cavities to glistening guts, nothing is off limits. As the mistakes mount, so does the bodily damage, with ugly mishaps leaving unsightly marks on your face.
  • An ever-mutating character – Unlock a range of game-changing powers as you go. These include time slowing to dodge fast-moving hazards, detachable arms you can make crawl around creepily, and the ability to graft your appendage onto the environment. Solve diverse puzzles using your disastrous DNA.

Delivered via a strange art style that manages to mix comedy with horror, expect to find the challenge in Struggle getting real, real fast. The better you work and communicate with your mate, the easier things ‘should’ become. 

We’re strangely drawn towards what Struggle has to offer up and will be sure to get a review out there, letting you know how this plays on Xbox in the days ahead. If you have the same appeal, get over to the Xbox Store and nail a download of the game on Xbox One and/or Xbox Series X|S right now. You’ll also find it limping around on the PlayStation Store. 

Game Description:

Struggling is a physics-based co-op platformer with a twisted spin on teamwork. Control the arms of a squishy abomination and guide it through a deranged world where anything goes. Outrun ravenous rats, joyride a dirt bike, and vault over pools of unmentionable waste. One thing’s certain: you will struggle.

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