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Many would argue that 2020’s Ghostrunner unfairly went under the radar when it released, likely due to the fact that it released in the shadow of its cyberpunk cousin Cyberpunk 2077. However, that did not stop it receiving an Xbox Series X|S Optimised update, and now developers One More Level have added to the universe with a full-blown expansion – Ghostrunner: Project_Hel.

Originally planned as a much smaller DLC to the base game, Project_Hel has heaps more content than we could have ever hoped for, so much so that this is a true ‘expansion’ rather than DLC. It throws us out of the shoes of the Ghostrunner, and into those of Hel – a boss from the base game. Hel is descending the Dharma Tower on her own quest, and if this is anything like Ghostrunner, expect her to be slicing and dicing her enemies into itty bitty pieces. Additionally, Hel can sustain one more hit than the Ghostrunner, making this expansion welcoming to newcomers, and also giving veterans a bit more freedom with their attacks.

Similarly to the base game, the seven levels that Project_Hel contains will be beautifully neon-soaked, with a playground of walls to dash across in order for Hel to dodge the bullets of her enemies, and close in on them for the kill with her blade. This will all be accompanied by some equally cyberpunky music from electronic musician Daniel Deluxe.

Players will also be engaging with Hel’s own skill tree, within which her abilities can be upgraded, to match the addition of new enemies and bosses as we progress through the expansion.

If you are itching to get back into Ghostrunner, or indeed want to check out the series for yourself, then Project_Hel just adds to the fun to be had. Both the base game and the Project_Hel expansion are available today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC. It’ll be coming to Nintendo Switch soon.

On Xbox, you can click this handy link to check out the base game on the Xbox Store.

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