Boom Ball 3 insists there is still life in the ol’ Kinect, and while we and Microsoft may have thought it was being discarded, developers Virtual Air Guitar Company are continuing to release games exclusive for the hardware. And why not? If somebody needs to do it then why not them?

Taking the ping pong aspect of Boom Ball and applying it to new levels, the third instalment in the Boom Ball series sees you once again chucking balls at various blocks, gathering multi-balls and high scores in the process. New features to the game include customizable paddles with special effects or custom photos (holding the dog’s face up to Kinect was a struggle but most definitely worth it) as well as scenic worlds to explore such as French countrysides, Atlantis and even alien planets across the 50 levels you will be taking on.

But lots of the fun of Kinect comes in the form of playing with friends – and Boom Ball 3 has a 2 player cooperative mode to take part in, where hopefully twice the hands mean twice the high-scores! Couple this with the three Normal, Fast and Turbo modes ramping up the speed of the ball and decreasing the amount of balls you can use, and Boom Ball 3 has a lot of replayability, especially for those wanting to top the high-scores.

If you are one of the admittedly few people still using Kinect for gaming purposes, then Boom Ball 3 promises a fun and frantic frolic throughout various levels, fit for all ages! Pick it up on the Microsoft Store from today for £7.99.

Keep an eye out for our full review too.

Game Description:

It’s boom time again! Boom Ball 3 upgrades the classic Kinect ping-pong game with 50 scenic levels featuring a festival of cute cubic critters. Also includes improved 2-player mode and 3 new difficulty options for novices and veterans alike. Customize your paddles with pictures or take your own photos with Kinect. Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes!

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