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It may look all cute and cuddly from the outside, but like any feline, Fluffy Cubed can easily turn at a moments notice. Today it launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, digging its claws deep into the arm of Xbox players. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Fluffy Cubed takes the standard sokoban inspired puzzling elements that we know and love and puts a kitty-themed twist onto things. 

It has you playing as a kitten – a cubed one, at that – and tasks you with helping move them around, all with the singular goal of ensuring that boxes are placed in their home. It’s a simple premise and with the fairly basic little visual look, it seems like Fluffy Cubed will be of no harm to anyone. 

But just like how your cat happily turns and gives you a whack every now and then, Fluffy Cube will no doubt have a bit of a bite; a twist that will have you working the deepest parts of your mind in hope of finding a solution. In fact, we’d be disappointed if it didn’t. 

Should that be of interest and cover the gaming bases that you are looking for in life, then you’ll want to head to the Xbox Store and pick up a copy of Fluffy Cubed with immediate effect. The fact it costs a mere £3.29 will certainly soften the blow that it’s bound to give. 

Stay tuned for a full review of Fluffy Cubed on Xbox from us soon. 

Game Description:

Fluffy Cubed is a minimalist puzzle game where the mechanics are inspired by the famous Sokoban genre, of Japanese origin. In this game, you play a kitten in the shape of a cube that must move the boxes to their places. But is not that simple, you’ll need to analyze well your movements to make sure that the boxes will no get trapped. The interface is simple, cute and you don’t have to worry getting only one way to solve them, because there is many ways to complete the levels.

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