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There is no debate that Rock is alive and well, but in amongst the classics are a number of bands attempting to break into the industry, getting their name out there and starting to appeal to a range of music lover. And that is where the latest DLC for Rock Band 4 comes from, as the team at Harmonix pick three cracking new tunes from the latest Apple Music The New Rock list.

Available to purchase and add into your Rock Band 4 experience on Xbox One and PS4, The New Rock Pack is the latest downloadable content pack to bring new tunes into the game. Priced up at £3.79, this pack contains a trio of tunes, with three bands plucked from the Apple Music The New Rock list. 

The latest DLC pieces for Rock Band 4 are…

  • “Prom Queen” – Beach Bunny
  • “Panic Attack” – The Glorious Sons
  • “16” – Highly Suspect

Should you wish to take a punt on these bands and reckon the tunes up top will be able to entice the band back together then heading to the usual digital stores will enable access. You will of course need the base Rock Band 4 game in place prior to enjoying these tunes, but hey, we’re pretty sure you knew that already. 

Each track is also available to be purchased individually too, with £1.29 the asking price for each of those. Should you feel that you’d like to master the joys of Beach Bunny’s “Prom Queen”, or reckon Highly Suspect are more to your liking, then these individual purchases may well be more to your liking. 

Whatever you choose to do though, let us know about it. The comments section is down below, and the usual social channels are where you’ll find us. Just let us know what you decide to pick up this week. And if these tunes from the Apple Music The New Rock pack don’t suffice, you could always pick up something from previous weeks

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