black desert xbox one

Black Desert Online has a following in the millions, and so the introduction of the game onto Xbox One is one that many are enthused about. But do the whole MMORPG elements translate well to console? We thought we’d take a look and you can join us as we run through a Let’s Play Black Desert on Xbox One.

Join our always-confused, easily misled Gareth as he takes on a run through the wonderful world of Black Desert on Xbox One for the very first time. Kicking the game off from the very beginning, you’ll get to see him setting up his fantasy world, spending what seems like hours as he decides upon a class of character, before imaginatively naming him after himself.

From there on out all hell breaks lose as he falls into the world of Black Desert, with little clue to what is to come. Will he manage to cope with the huge landscapes within? Are the relentless conversations going to blow his mind? Will he ever work out how to open that inventory? And why has someone got a fish for a head?

You’ll only find out by joining Gareth as he sits down with Black Desert on Xbox One, taking in near-on an hour of gameplay to allow us a better look at how the game has made the transition from PC to Xbox One.

Our full review is in the works, and will be with you in the coming days, but for now, Let’s Play Black Desert on Xbox One!

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