Runestone Games will be dropping their light hearted puzzler Mystery Castle onto the Xbox One Games Store soon. We’ve been lucky enough to get a chance to go hands on with it prior to the release. Want to grab a big piece of the gameplay action?

Playing as Monty the Wizard, watch as we kick things off in the first of five castles and play through 18 levels – pushing wooden crates, dodging Fire Golems and collecting a ton of magical gems as we do so. You’ll find us navigating our way down crumbling paths and jumping in and out of numerous portals as we try and reach the end of the castle. We even stop for a quick chat with Stumpi, the treasure-loving Dwarf along the way.

You’ll be able to download Mystery Castle from Friday 6th May 2016 and we’ll have a full review for you soon.

For now though, Let’s Play Mystery Castle on Xbox One!



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