What do Back to the Future, JAWS and E.T. all have in common? Well, other than being absolute classic movies, they have all been treated to the Zen Studios treatment with various tables in the new Pinball FX3. Want to see how they play?

Watch below as we take the Universal Classics Pinball tables on Pinball FX3 through their paces on Xbox One. You’ll find us embracing the future of Marty and Doc in Back to the Future, smashing hoverboards and sending the DeLorean to 88mph! We’ll also spend a little time fishing for great whites in JAWS, and helping our old friend E.T. try to make his way home in the table of the same name.

As you would expect, point scoring is the name of the game, and it looks like Zen have done a brilliant job in delivering us pinball table experiences that bring about the best bits of the films. Of course, this is just a first look and playthrough though, and our full review of the Universal Classics will be with you shortly.

The Universal Classics tables for Pinball FX3 can be added to your library on Xbox One, PS4 and PC right now. You should also be able to pick them up via Zen Pinball on iOS and Android.

For now though, Let’s Play Pinball FX3 Universal Classics tables on Xbox One.

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4 years ago

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