If you are one of the many waiting in anticipation for the next batch of backwards compatible titles to hit Xbox One, then you will happy to hear that they have now arrived. If you were hoping to see some of the more popular games from the list of voted titles however, you may only be partially satisfied with the latest additions.

Whether you’re excited by them or not, here are our thoughts on whether they deserve another playthrough or whether they should be left alone in the past.

Fable AnniversaryPlay

So the first of our new additions this week is one of the many that gamers have been crying out to Microsoft to introduce to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program since the program started – it seems they do listen after all.

Fable Anniversary is the highly popular and enhanced re-release of the original Fable title, Fable: The Lost Chapters.

It’s one that’s been a long time coming but now the chance is here to play it once more, Fable Anniversary is definitely a game you should be looking to dive into.

Fable Anniversary is a classic action RPG that puts the players into the shoes of The Hero of Oakvale, and one that became a quick sensation despite its many missing promised features. If you’re a fan of RPG adventures or are simply looking for a return to an all-time classic then why not go and install one of the longest serving Xbox classics now. You won’t regret it.

Fable II Pub GamesIgnore

Fable II Pub Games on the other hand is probably one that many of us could have done without. For even at the time it was a bit of a filler at best.

Arriving as a free extra for those who pre-ordered Fable II, Fable II Pub Games brought players a spinoff title centered around three pub game-styled minigames; Keystone, Fortune’s Tower and Spinnerbox, all of which shared functionality with Fable II.

Whilst it was great to be able to import any money gained into the Fable II adventure, money was never an issue for many within the main experience and with plenty of minigames to be found throughout the course of the main game, Fable II Pub Games became a rather unnecessary addition to the Xbox Games Store, and the entire Fable franchise as a whole. 

If you’re after the full experience of course, you could always boot up this arcade title, but we suggest sticking to the main entries. Mainly because they are a whole load better.

So there we have it. A couple of new additions to the Xbox One backwards compatible library and some thoughts on whether the latest titles to arrive are worth a download and play. 

Do you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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