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It’s safe to say that the quality of game that has come from the JanduSoft publishing team in recent times has been a bit on the low side. We’ve got high hopes for their latest fast-paced platformer to hit Xbox though. It’s time to Light Up The Room. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with full next-gen optimisation in place for the latter consoles, Light Up The Room tasks you with utilising the power of your character to uncover the secrets hidden in your nearest surroundings. 

Priced at £4.19, something which is becoming standard price for a JanduSoft title, and following on from their recent efforts like Nape Retroverse Collection, the plan with Light Up The Room is that you avoid the traps set for you. The problem is, you can’t see them, only uncovering the terrain around you as you touch it. 

With no less than fifty stages to test your skills and a host of new mechanics being added in every tenth of the time you spend here, Light Up The Room could either be a hardcore platformer’s delight, or an utter arse to play through. 

We’ll let you know what it turns out to be when we run the usual review process. 

Key features include:

  • – 50 platforming levels to test your skills
  • – Explore levels by uncover the room around you
  • – New mechanics being introduced every 5 stages
  • – Start over immediately after a failed attempt

You’ll find the chance to Light Up The Room by visiting the Xbox Store

Game Description:

Light Up The Room is a fast-paced platformer about using your character to uncover your surroundings. The object of each level is to avoid all of the traps in the room and reach the goal. However, the terrain is invisible to the player. The player can discover terrain by physically touching into it. If the player dies, the room isn’t wiped clean after it, so the player has a better awareness of their surroundings, making an easier time navigating after multiple attempts!

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