The world of HITMAN has taken us to the most far flung of locales, given us the most sun-drenched of missions and allowed the inner Agent 47 in all of us to embark on a strategic and tactical adventure. And I guess this is what is happening this time round too, just the free, time-limited HITMAN Halloween Pack is dropping us into the most harrowing fields of Colorado.

Arriving just in time for Halloween, the latest HITMAN content pack sees us being freaked out by a lone scarecrow. It is this guy who is the centre of the action in the pack, with legend and myth surrounding it. You’ll need to unlock the secrets of the scarecrow and then work you way tactical through the elimination of 4 prominent militia members, each of whom come with unique skills and abilities.

You’ll find that this Halloween Pack will only last for the length of the scary period we are about to embark on, but should you be taken in will find that the progress made will carry over to the full game – should you purchase it.

Do you think it is time for Agent 47 to scare the wits out of his targets? Get yourself over to the Xbox Store right now and grab the free Halloween Pack for HITMAN. You’d be made not to.

Pack Description:

** Available for a Limited Time Only ** Download the HITMAN Halloween Pack, and enter the harrowing fields of Colorado, if you dare! A once placid farm compound has been converted into a militia training camp and base of operations, under the watchful gaze of a nearby scarecrow. Legend tells the tale, that whoever wears it’s garments, and fulfills it’s bell clanging desires, gains hellish flames that consume their enemies. Yet only those who wield the right tools, can obtain it. Besides unlocking the secrets of the scarecrow, there are 4 prominent militia members that must be eliminated, each with their own specialties. Experience Colorado, including the campaign mission, Escalation Contracts, 20 levels of location mastery, 80+ challenges, as well as full access to everything included in the ‘ICA Facility’ location. Note: Game access lasts for the Halloween Pack period, but your saved progress will transfer to the full game, if purchased.

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