We’ve previously had the chance to head to Mexico and take a trip to the Great Lakes. Today though the Railway Empire train just keeps on chugging, pushing up into the depths of South America and a trip across the Andes.

Available right now for Xbox One Railway Empire enthusiasts to purchase and download is the Railway Empire – Crossing the Andes DLC Pack. Priced up at £6.39, this allows us the chance to continue our track-fuelled empire pushing on down south and preparing to head high into the mountains and jungle terrains that make up the Andes.

A brand new map and region isn’t the only addition that the Crossing the Andes pack brings though and whilst 3 scenarios will give us a glimpse into the life of the earliest of railway pioneers, 10 new goods items including the likes of Llama wool will also be in place.

Drop in the opportunity to swing on by no less than 34 new cities or take to the tracks in the new Kitson-Meyer and Garratt engines, and you will quickly understand why this latest pack will be of interest to Railway Empire players.

If you find that you are amongst that crowd then head to the Xbox Store and nab the content right now. You’ll obviously need a copy of the base game to hand, but providing that is in place then you are pretty much good to hop on that train once more and continue the empire building process.

DLC Description:

Take on new journeys into the depths of South America in the early 20th century where the raw material reserves are far from being depleted. Plans of crossing the Andes by train is drawing attention from investors far across the borders of the country. Unforgiving mountains and relentless jungle terrains will make this challenge a hard one. • 3 new scenarios covering the early history of the railway pioneers in the Andes. • Map expansion: South America region (available in Free Game and Sandbox Modes) • More than 10 new goods such as Llama wool or Guano and 34 cities to discover • New engines: Kitson-Meyer (0-8-6-0) and Garratt (2-6-0-0-6-2)

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