Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 2 Xbox

Monster Hunter Rise has been out for less than a month but we’re already up over 50 pieces of DLC. Sure, this is all purely cosmetic or musical tracks for around Kamura village, but there is a lot there for anyone adamant about owning everything. Let’s see what exactly is available in DLC Pack 2 for Monster Hunter Rise on Xbox and PlayStation.

It is worth nothing the all the items included in this DLC Pack can be purchased separately, so if there is anything in particular you fancy, search out for the individual item on the Xbox Store. With this many individual items here, we will not be able to provide a specific link for each item. Sorry.

The DLC bundle can be split into three tranches. There is new gear for your hunter, for your buddies and additional stuff. New gear for your hunter includes some layered armour pieces, facepaints and hairstyles and two new voices. The pick of these are:

For your buddies, there are eight new layered armour pieces, four each for your Palico and Palamute including:

In fact, each buddy has the same four collar on offer: Bell, Spiked, Heart and Bow. But if you want both matching, you will need to buy one of each.

Finally, the miscellaneous items that includes a couple of new outfits for your Cohoot, new music tracks, gestures and stickers. The pick of the bunch here being:

The latter two offer multiple items in the one pack, hence the larger price.

Of course, if you want everything all in one go, this entire new content drop can be bought in one go. The Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 2 will cost you £24.98 for everything. That is almost as much as the base Monster Hunter Rise game, which you will obviously need to access all these DLC items. Monster Hunter Rise can be found on the Xbox Store for £32.98.

I am all for looking the bee’s knees when hunting monsters, but is all this DLC a step too far? Let us know in the comments below.

DLC Description

Glam up your hunter life with this second pack of additional content! This monstrously large bundle contains a variety of fun add-on content: – Hunter content: 3 x Layered Armor pieces, 2 x facepaints, 2 x hairstyles, 2 x voices – Buddy content: 4 x Palico Layered Armor pieces, 4 x Palamute Layered Armor pieces – Other content: 2 Cohoot outfits, 8 music tracks, a set of 4 gestures, additional stickers After purchasing, speak to the Courier and select Add-on Content to receive the content. Details of where to access the content can be found on each item’s page. *The items in this set can be purchased individually. Please be careful not to purchase the same item twice.

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