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Pamper your pooches and other animals with the House Flipper Pets DLC

House Flipper Pets DLC Xbox
House Flipper Pets DLC Xbox

Up until now, you’ve mostly been renovating for a variety of human tastes. But what about those furry creatures that sometimes accompany humans? I am of course talking about pets, and it is now time for them to be treated the way they deserve. Get ready to design the pet property of your dreams with the Pets DLC for House Flipper on Xbox and PlayStation.

From the very beginning of this DLC you are completely open to your decisions, even down to the pet you wish to cater for. Choose from over 13 breeds of cats and dogs, or something completely different like a rabbit, guinea pig, bird, hamster or even a turtle. Some would argue even choosing your new pet is the hardest decision in this DLC.

Once you have finally made a decision, it is time to let your creativity free. Choose from over 800 new items for the DLC in 11 new properties, all featuring expansive back gardens and wide-open fields. The Pets DLC for House Flipper also contains:

  • Choose from 13 popular breeds of dogs and cats.
  • Take in an exotic animal species.
  • Play with your pets, take good care of them and create a unique bond.
  • Be ready for upcoming challenges with 11 new jobs.
  • Let your imagination run wild and go for a unique design with all 11 of our brand-new ranch-style houses.
  • Set your imagined house with a new environment and tons of decorations.
  • 6 new flipping mechanics! Paint or panel your ceilings, hang bulb chains around your room, insert sets of stairs, and change the position of your exterior door.
  • Watch your pet snooze on some of the furniture.
  • Brush your animals – make them happy.
  • More than 800 new items will make your interiors warm and cosy!

The Pets DLC for House Flipper is on the Xbox Store now priced at £14.99. You will of course need the base House Flipper game in order to enjoy the DLC, and you can pick this up for £17.99 or it is included in Xbox Game Pass for subscribers. Let us know in the comments which pet you will be choosing first, bonus points if it is a rabbit!

DLC Description

Adopt a pet Will you find a place for someone special in your recently renovated property? Thanks to Pets DLC you’ll have a chance to take care of a lovely companion and have a wonderful time together! Your new furry buddy represents one of ten popular dog or cat breeds, but that’s not the end of great news! The DLC will also allow you to choose between other animal species like rabbits, turtles, parrots or hamsters! Take in your new pet, look after it and make it feel loved. Be sure to involve plenty of playtime, teach it and make it feel comfortable in a new home! Create a unique relationship with your adorable housemate! A unique style Access an exclusive set of items and decor elements, which will let you design a cozy countryside house for you and your pet. Comfortable sofas, plushy pillows and tons of decorations will help you on your journey! Don’t forget about preparing a nice and warm spot for your sweet companion! A specially designed room and a play zone in the backyard should be wonderful. The new location and large open spaces will bring lots of pleasant memories. Discover new properties, from houses with cozy attics and terraces to huge 2-story countryside homes! Your own animal hotel “In Cozy Village you’ll be able to create a safe asylum for a crew of happy animals. Prepare the place by making sure all the requirements like play areas, water feeders and food dispensers are present! The better the conditions, the more people will trust you with taking care of their pets, and the bigger the profit.

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