Debtor: Enhanced Edition Xbox

Real-life debt collecting can turn really nasty really quickly. So, I would not be surprised if those in the business struggled to switch off from such an intense job. As a result, this next game looks like a fever dream that a debt collector could potentially have. Find out how it plays as Debtor: Enhanced Edition releases today on Xbox and PC.

Debtor: Enhanced Edition is a classic looking 2D platformer. As the debt collector you have awoken in a strange place, though looking around, I’d argue you were still asleep. There are platforms aplenty along with moveable rocks, bounce plates, enemies and coins. These coins are crucial, as you need to collect all these before moving on to the next level. You know, just like a real debt collector.

As the collector though, any enemy or obstacle means instant death. Those obstacles need to be avoided, but you can fight back against the enemies. Use a block and drop it on them from a height or lay an explosive in their path to defeat them.

It is far from a typical day of debt collecting. This being the Enhanced Edition means it also comes with improved graphics and gameplay for the Xbox version of the game. This might not be another port of Ratalaika Games but with similar gameplay to many of their ports and easy Gamerscore, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was.

Debtor: Enhanced Edition is on the Xbox Store now priced at £4.19, and available for Windows too priced at the same price. There is a discount to both of these, dropping it down to £3.35 for a short time. And stay tuned for our review coming very soon, once we awaken from this fever dream.

Game description

Debtor: Enhanced Edition is a retro styled puzzle platformer. You woke up in the strange place, you do not know where you are, but you are sure what is your goal – collect all your debts. In order to escape each level, you need to collect all coins and create path to the exit of the level. It is a dangerous place full of traps and ruthless enemies, be careful! Solve 30 rooms in the 3 different biomes. Move boxes, crush blocks with your head or use explosives for that – create your own path using the environment. Enhanced edition is a ported version with improved graphics and adapted gameplay.

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