There are many ways to make a good impression in this world, but only one of them can also be the way many heroes and villains prepare for battle – wearing a suit of some kind. Well, it’s time to ‘Suit Up’ for your next mission, delving into the latest Loot Gaming crate to arrive on the scene and determine if it’s worth the monthly subscription price. Will the ‘Suit Up’ theme manage to provide a smartly presented box of delights, or instead deliver a less than legendary selection?

The first item up for perusal goes hand in hand with the cutesy, yet still pretty deadly, figure of Overwatch’s Tracer character found in the previous month’s crate. Following the same style at just three inches in height, the newest collaboration with Blizzard brings us the honourable former member of the Egyptian army, Pharah. As a variant exclusive, she’s in her rocket-powered Titanium armour and actually has the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, the Eye of Horus, tattoo under her eye – something which is a very nice little touch of detail on such a small figure.

Keeping in line with the aforementioned collectible figure, the Halo offering is from the Halo Icons series of figures, usually seen in the Halo Legendary Crate. It features two fourth generation Spartans in Mjolnir armour going toe to toe with each other in a mini scene. If you then wish to see this on a grander scale, it can be connected to other Halo Icons figures too. This version is a variant of the first in the series, but these Spartans are in white and grey as opposed to the original red and blue.

So far, so good, and it only gets better with the inclusion of an Injustice 2 themed t-shirt, arriving just in time for the game’s launch. You’ll want to wear this as you attempt to save the world once more. In the centre of the black tee is a rather large side shot of a glum looking Superman, with Batman and Harley Quinn in full view, ready for action. I’m not sure the massive Injustice 2 text is needed, however it does bear a great one-liner in the form of ‘Every Battle Defines You’. I’ve already had the pleasure of suiting up whilst defeating villains as ‘The Dark Knight’.

The final item is inspired by the controversial adult animated series South Park, and more specifically the upcoming video game South Park: The Fractured But Whole’s main hero. Anyone familiar with the alter ego of Eric Cartman will instantly recognise the Coon character and the Coon and Friends text plastered onto the item in question. It’s actual a replica of a flag seen in one of the TV episodes, which although sounding rather cool, I honestly can’t imagine having it on display anywhere indoors due to the sheer size. It’s perhaps a little too offensive to those uninitiated with the character to be placed outside too!

All that’s left to mention is the ‘Suit Up’ coin pin, featuring the head of a soldier in an exoskeleton suit with a golden visor. It’s just the icing on the cake for a smashing Loot Gaming crate which provides great value this time around; exclusive items and superhero tees are always greatly received. Join us next time for a spot of Road Rage which is set to include items from Rocket League, Mario Kart 8, Twisted Metal and umm… Destiny apparently.

Have you already signed up to a Loot Gaming subscription, and if so, were you happy with everything included in ‘Suit Up’? If you still haven’t taken the plunge, what will entice you to finally get involved and get your road rage on for the next instalment of the subscription service? Let us know in the comments, or on social media!

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Leo Villanueva
Leo Villanueva
5 years ago

April… Thats april 2017…NOT MAY. The pin even says april. common.

J Birks
Reply to  Leo Villanueva
5 years ago

The crate arrives in May, hence that’s when it’s unboxed 🙂