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Whether you’re looking to escape it or not, this week is Valentine’s week, and with the feel of love in the air the team at Harmonix have found a bit of a theme for this week’s FUSER DLC. Yep, it’s love and who are best to express that? BLACKPINK of course. 

We seem to be here on a weekly basis, waxing lyrics about all-new DLC that has come to FUSER, and once more that’s the case here and now. This time around, as the week of love evolves, we find that three new tunes are being added to the game, with the likes of Surf Mesa, David Guetta and the one and only BLACKPINK leading the way. It’s kinda like Harmonix found a system that worked for them in weekly Rock Band content drops, and have ported that exact same formula over to FUSER. Oh…

Priced at £1.69 for each of the individual tracks, if you’re in the mood for adding some new melodies to your FUSER crates, you’ll find all of the follow tracks available…

As always, you’ll only be able to listen in to these tunes in FUSER with a copy of the base game at hand, whether that be the standard edition of the super-fancy, highly-strung VIP Edition. Luckily that base game is pretty damn nifty though; if you are looking to get a party started, and fancy yourself as something of a deck-god, it’s the game for you. There are tons of songs included in it as well, complemented on a weekly basis by even more

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You can find the base game of FUSER present at your favourite digital store. We love the Xbox Store. Do you?


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