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Honestly, the base game of Skater XL felt a little lacking, but kudos to the development team at Easy Day Studios because since then they’ve gone all out to fill their skating title with all manner of new content. Thanks to the modding community, we’re now seeing a new Plaza map and Gear Drops, drop. 

Following on from the addition of the Warehouse level just a few weeks back, Skater XL players can now get access to the rather lovely looking Fermenter Plaza, a new map which has been put together by the mod maker, Fermenter. 

Promising to deliver a sprawling outdoor environment which is complete with all the skating terrain you could ever wish for – big rails, technical ledge sections, transitions, skateable rooftops and sculptural elements – Fermenter Plaza should well be a dream arena. 

With it being visually optimised by those at Easy Day to ensure that it works on a technical side, running smoothly on all platforms, the Fermenter Plaza you are seeing arrive in-game, and for free, has stayed utterly try to the creator’s original vibe. If you’re looking for a place to pull of endless possibilities, this is it. 

Further to that though, Skater XL is also found celebrating Skate Shop Day – February 19th. To commemorate this day Easy Day have added in new digital items with more than 100 new pieces of gear, decks, wheels and accessories in play. 

You’ll find everything talked about here available across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PC through Steam, with Skater XL’s in-game Mod Browser covering the bases. 

Let us know what you decide to add in to your game. And if you haven’t yet get back on the board and spent time with Skater XL, head over to the Xbox Store to trick out the required download.

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