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LucidSound LS100X Wireless Gaming Headset Review


Over the years we’ve found ourselves using a number of different LucidSound headsets. But with each and every one, for all the positives, we’ve found something to let it down, stopping LucidSound from ever really becoming our headset manufacturer of choice; at least long term. 

Initial thoughts concerning the LucidSound LS100X are similar. Whilst this is a good looking, well fitting, nice sounding headset that is capable of covering multiple bases, a mid-range price point and removable mic (mics being something that has previously held back LucidSound) had us thinking that the LS100X would be a market middler; more than capable but not quite there as a fully recommended unit. But it turns out that after a good few weeks of use, we’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this. It looks good, sounds good and comes with a great battery. And surprisingly, it does more than you would initially think. It’s probably our LucidSound headset of choice.

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This is a pretty well rounded option from a company who know what it takes to create a good looking headset. 

The LS100X is no exception to the usual LucidSound rule; black and white in colour, sleek in design and nicely weighted in hand, this very much screams LucidSound. It’s fairly light too, weighing in at 265 grams.

It comes with the now standard LucidSound earcup dials which are great to twist, letting you turn up your main volume or amend game and party chat loudness with ease. Easily grabbable and nigh on impossible to miss, if you’re looking to change the intensity of your audio, those found on the externals of the cups are up there with some of the best we’ve used. Granted, they aren’t particularly great for totally fine tuning to the nth degree, but moving through a range of volumes is simply done with the left dial. 

That on the right deals with the mix of party and game chat and so if you find yourself struggling to hear your teammates in battle, a swift spin of that right dial fixes things in a jiffy. Pressing in the inner section of it mutes your audio out too, so ensuring the online world doesn’t hear your real world antics is equally fine. 

With an adjustable headband slider and well padded, swivelling, memory-foamed earcups, the LS100X feels good on the head too. We’d probably want a little more cushioning under the headband itself, but on the whole it is fine. Those cups fully encase your ears too, enclosing them from the outside world. Unfortunately, for the good fit, sound leakage is a problem and so if you’re using the LS100X in the vicinity of others, you may need to tone down the volume a bit. 

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When you do get into a game and find yourself on instruction duties, the mic that LucidSound have included here is a good one. Fully detachable – and whether that is a good or bad thing will be of personal preference – it slots into the left cup nicely. It’s very flexible too and just the right length to ensure you can get it nicely positioned in front of your mouth. It also allows for decent dulcet tones to be delivered and whilst we’ve had teammates comment on a bit of a muffled sound over our usual headset of choice – the stunning EPOS H6PRO if you’re wondering – multiple gaming sessions of various length have been taken in with no fuss. 

In fact, the LS100X is one of the easiest pick up and play wireless headsets we’ve had the pleasure of using and once you connect the USB dongle to your console of choice, connection has always been solid and strong. It’s helped that LucidSound chat about how this headset is one that will keep on going for some 130 hours too (seventy plus when used in gaming mode), rarely ever needing too much of a charge. When it does, grab yourself a USB-C cable and plug it in. Job done. 

There’s more though and this comes with Bluetooth capabilities included. Perfect for when you want to move away from the console scene and game using your mobile and those Cloud based Game Pass titles, a press and hold of the left cup button switches things up from the usual ‘gaming’ mode to that of Bluetooth. 

Again, simplicity is key and once you pair it with a Bluetooth device, will find this happily doing the job over and over again. That ease has seen us using this headset for pretty much all of our audio needs over the last few weeks – whether gaming on console or phone, listening to music or taking calls. Integrated mics perfect for the latter. 

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We’re not sure that there’s much wrong with the LucidSound LS100X wireless headset but if we could we would slightly increase the maximum volume whilst in gaming mode. We’re not sure if it’s one of those rubbishy EU/UK regulations that limit this ever so slightly depending on locale – much like the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless – but we’ve occasionally wanted a bit more oomph from what this gives. Don’t get us wrong, the soundscape provided by the 50mm drivers itself is great, punchy when it needs to be, crystal clear and detailed through the full range and complete with a few different equaliser modes – Signature, Bass Boost, and FPS – but hearing the ‘ping’ of the volume dial hitting its uppermost level has been disheartening. 

Other than that, the LucidSound LS100X Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox is one that should most certainly be on your radar. Coming with the usual neat LucidSound design, sounding good, with Bluetooth support out of the box and capable of covering multiple scenarios, it’s one of our favourite LucidSound headsets yet. It’s pretty well priced at a smidge under the ton too.

Huge thanks go out to LucidSound for providing us with the LS100X for review. If you visit LucidSound direct, you should be able to pick up a unit for yourself. 

Neil Watton
Neil Wattonhttps://www.thexboxhub.com/
An Xbox gamer since 2002, I bought the big black box just to play Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. I have since loved every second of the 360's life and am now just as obsessed with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S - mostly with the brilliant indie scene that has come to the fore. Gamertag is neil363, feel free to add me to your list.
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