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In terms of wish-fulfilment, owning a 100-storey skyscraper isn’t high up there. Different strokes for different folks, we suppose, as Mad Tower Tycoon gives you the unenviable job of managing the happiness of thousands of people in your own personal Trump Tower. Mad Tower Tycoon is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

The Mad series has already given us Mad Games Tycoon, and Mad Tower Tycoon is next. You have the freedom to build your 100-story tower however you please, but that’s the easy part: next you’ll have to populate it with the businesses and people that will ensure a steady flow of moolah. We’re not sure if there’s an option to be hijacked by German ‘terrorists’ and a goatee’d Alan Rickman, though. 

The ‘Mad’ in the title refers to some pretty fantastical things that can happen to your tower. You’ll need to be vigilant for UFO abductions (surely there are easier marks than tower residents?), and earthquakes will risk it all. We’re betting that King Kong and Godzilla turn up too.

It seems like Mad have brought their customary depth to the title. You get a huge amount of telemetry, like the noise levels in the tower, and the number of people going back and forth. Whether it will be useful at all is up to you: it depends how much you jump down the data rabbit-hole, but there’s certainly the option to finetune your tower with a bevy of options. 

Your aim is to earn the coveted ‘six-star award’, which you can only get by renting out every inch of your tower, and by satisfying every last tenant. It’s going to be a towering achievement if you manage it. 

Features include:

  • RANDOM EVENTS – As well as complaints from expectant tenants you will be dealing with; a fire in the new office, an earthquake shaking your skyscraper and unexpected UFOs kidnaping tenants. The constantly changing pattern of events introduces additional challenges to overcome. These events help keep you motivated and look after the tower, despite everything that it throws at you.
  • LEVEL SYSTEM – Daily missions give you the opportunity to improve your success rate while adding to your experience scores. Learn and progress through a points system to unlock more than 50 skills.
  • INFORMATION IS THE KEY – You’ll need to keep on top of everything; which floors require servicing or where the ambient noise levels are causing customers unnecessary stress. How many visitors came in the last 24 hours? Have I made a profit in the last 30 days? The statistics and filters in “Mad Tower Tycoon” will give you a lot of information about the state of your skyscraper.
  • THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL – Avoid your visitors having to climb too many stairs or wait too long for the elevator. No problem: the elevator system in “Mad Tower Tycoon” allows you different settings, managing lift waiting times on all floors. It’s a rewarding job, keeping your guests and customers happy and making sure the Tower and your skill sets keep improving.

Mad Tower Tycoon is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and starts at £24.99 from the Xbox Store. It’s also out on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, joining the previous drop on PC via Steam.  

Game Description:

In “Mad Tower Tycoon” you have the freedom to build a 100 story skyscraper and include the elements you want to make it succeed; restaurants, cinemas, underground garages or even a zoo. Satisfy potential visitors by choosing the best attractions for your winning plan. The classic construction gameplay challenges you to gain the coveted “six-star award” for your skyscraper. The goal is to complete construction while renting all offices, apartments and shops across a towering 100 floors.

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