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Remember the rather brilliant Spintires: MudRunner from back in 2017? If you’ve played it, you’ll certainly remember how deep the experience was, how it dragged players into the world of extreme off-roading in a way many games fail to do so. Today though, some three years on we see the launch of the next generation in that off-roading franchise – SnowRunner.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, SnowRunner builds on what MudRunner delivered to once more see us getting down and dirty in the most extreme of environments. This means the skills you learnt in the previous game will come to the fore once more as SnowRunner takes us to a world full of mud, overflowing rivers, snow, ice and frozen lakes. In fact, if you can think of the most hardcore of driving experiences, it’s safe to say SnowRunner has it.

Priced at £44.99 for the standard edition, SnowRunner provides you with no less than 40 new vehicles to mess around in, upgrading and customising them as you see fit. With tons of specific trailers to then attached, and your super precious winch keeping you out of trouble, there is a host of great driving opportunities to be found within this game.

That is found no more so than in the many objectives, missions, challenges and more that you can partake in – yep, just driving around for fun can be easily complemented in SnowRunner by adding rhyme and reason to why you are tackling these diverse routes.

Further to that, SnowRunner caters not just for the solo player but also those who wish to help each other. Four-player cooperative action is in place and will allow you to winch your mates from the mud whenever the time calls for it.

Our full review of SnowRunner on Xbox One is fast incoming. Make sure you keep an eye out for it as we’re pretty sure it’ll be the shove you need to head to your favoured digital store in order to get a download of SnowRunner on Xbox One, PS4 or PC moving. That Standard Edition can be grabbed from the Xbox Store right here, whilst it is accompanied by a Premium Edition for £59.99. This brings the Season Pass which will drop even more content your way in the weeks and months ahead. For now, you’ll see that additional skins for your trucks are available, with it including the otherwise priced £3.29 High Roller Pack, along with the £0.79 rated Loaded Dice Vinyl Wrap, Scorched Vinyl Wrap and Tru Colors Vinyl Wrap. For good measure, the Derry Longhorn 4520 Sabertooth Livery is also thrown in

Further to that is the opportunity to purchase the powerful Navistar 5000 MV Tractor as well. This will set you back just £1.69.

Let us know if you were a fan of Spintires, and whether or not you’ll be giving SnowRunner a shot. The comments section is down below.

Game Description:

Get ready for the next-generation off-road experience! SnowRunner puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful vehicles as you conquer extreme open environments with the most advanced terrain simulation ever. Drive 40 vehicles from brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Freightliner as you leave your mark on an untamed open world. Overcome mud, torrential waters, snow, and frozen lakes while taking on perilous contracts and missions. Expand and customize your fleet with many upgrades and accessories including an exhaust snorkel for heavy waters or chain tires to battle the snow.

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