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Like pinball but have found you’ve always wanted more? Well, Demon’s Tilt takes the good old pinball scene before infusing it with turbo charged gameplay, SHMUP elements and even a bit of hack n slash! Oh, and for good measure it’s now available on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and with Xbox Play Anywhere capabilities.

There’s a lot going on with Demon’s Tilt on Xbox One and that’s not just in terms of the accessibility options we have, with a standard £16.74 purchase from the Xbox Store complemented by a debut in Xbox Game Pass and the opportunity for gamers to play the game where they see fit with Xbox Play Anywhere.

It could be said that the team at Zen Studios have got the pinball market sewn up, but Demon’s Tilt is here to attempt to take that crown, delivering an experience that is much more intense, pushing numerous genres to the limit, and ensuring that we have fun in pinging some balls about.

Throwing you in to a three tiered story based cathedral which needs exploring, Demon’s Tilt on Xbox One will have you attempting to not just become king of the flippers, but will ensure you need to harness the power of combos, a deep magic system, a whole ton of traps and ramps, and some good old multi-ball action.

Features include:

  • A three-tiered cathedral to Explore: Unlock its gothic secrets and depth over time, Packed with mini-bosses, baddies, ramps and mechanical traps.
  • A Unique Magic System: Convert waves of enemy bullets into homing magic that fights for you, or transmute them into GOLD for a banked Ultra Jackpot!
  • Combos: Use your Chain Meter to combo hits and keep your scoring momentum up. Link ramps to extend the Chain Meter’s life. Speed and aggressive play rewards!
  • Multipliers: Base Multipliers can soar up to 99x Earn Global multipliers to rocket your score into the billions!
  • Bonus Rituals: Complete Dark Rituals and spell letters for huge bonuses & jackpots Complete them all and unlock a special WIZARD MODE!
  • Multiball Modes: True full table multiball and add-a-ball modes!

Demon’s Tilt is available to grab on Xbox One right now – whether you pay for it or prefer to make the most of the Xbox Game Pass love is up to you. Just pop over to the Xbox Store and nab your download right now. Just be prepared for a pinball experience unlike any other. Although we’re pretty sure we said that about Yoku’s Island Express too.

Game Description:

TURBO CHARGED PINBALL RETURNS! Now with bigger sprites, more baddies, more secrets & MORE BULLETS! Demon’s Tilt pushes the limits of the Video Pinball genre with SHMUP & Hack N’ Slash elements. Video pinball updated with bigger sprites, more baddies, more secrets and of course MORE BULLETS! Demon’s Tilt pushes the limits of the Video Pinball genre with SHMUP & Hack N’ Slash elements.

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