It promises some ’90s style visuals, a Metroidvania experience and plenty of action based platforming. Dare you take control of the Nightmare Boy?

Available right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Nightmare Boy is the debut title from the Vanir Project, telling the story of Billy. After waking up from his very worst dream, he finds himself turned into the mysterious Rolok, before heading through a world that is filled with nightmare upon nightmare.

You’ll need to fight off enemies as you attempt to save other kids from their own nightmares, recovering Billy’s original appearance in the process, but with a huge world to explore, hidden secrets to find and tough bosses to fight, Nightmare Boy won’t be a walk in the park.

If you fancy taking in the dark story holding everything together, and are gaming on Xbox One, then you should be hitting up the Microsoft Store right now. PS4 and PC players should be able to find the game available on their own stores. £10.39 is the price, but should you be needing a bit of a push in order to really consider it, then it may well be worth holding off for our full review. It will be with you in the days ahead.

Features include:

  • Classic mechanics and playability that joins roaming, adventure and platforms.
  • Upgradeable character after defeating each final boss: double and triple jump, different magic attacks…
  • Graphic engine that mixes pixel art and cartoon characters, hand drawn, giving the game a 90’s arcade feeling.
  • Saving system based on collected jewels in the game. The more you save, the more expensive it gets.
  • Dark atmosphere, shady storyline; can you discover what lies beneath?

Game Description:

This story takes place in Donorok, in the state of Noctum. After the King of Noctum, Aster, disappears, chaos rules over the world. The relationships between Monsters, Mongos and Dreamers are completely unstable, and Donorok – the land so heavily affected by the chaos – slowly absorbs terrain from the surrounding regions.

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