Since release at the start of the year, there have been a number of small little content additions rolling out to Monster Hunter World. Stickers have been commonplace, new hairstyles have been welcome and a variety of Gestures will always go down well. But what if you are bored of your chosen Monster Hunter? Well, that’s where the Monster Hunter World Character Edit Vouchers come in.

Available to purchase right now from the Microsoft Store, the Character Edit Vouchers let you do just that – edit your character. Coming in quantities of 1, 2 or 3, these will let you change your appearance by editing hair type, eyebrow colours, facial hair, makeup and clothing without too much hassle.

What can’t be changed is your name – or that of your Palico – so make sure you choose wisely before heading off on the hunt.

Prices kick off at £2.39 for the single use, with the two-voucher pack coming in at £3.99, whilst the triple option will set you back £5.59. Head on over to the Microsoft Store and pick up your required option now.

Don’t forget to have a read of our Monster Hunter World review whilst you are at it.

DLC Description:

This voucher allows you to change the appearance (including gender) of your existing hunter character from the save data selection screen. Please note that the name of your hunter and the name and appearance of your Palico cannot be changed. Note: – Can only be purchased once. – Can be used to edit one character, one time only. – You can edit hair, eyebrow color, facial hair, makeup and clothing from the Item Box in your living quarters without using a voucher.

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