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It’s been nearly two years since Monster Jam Steel Titans first rolled out onto console. But now Rainbow Studios, Feld Entertainment and THQ Nordic are back with a sequel, one that promises more worlds, more trucks, more monsters and more jam. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 takes everything that you knew and loved from the original game, before piling on more, mostly in the form of additional trucks and worlds to explore. 

The usual Monster Jam Steel Titans mantra sits in place here – jump behind the wheel of your favourite monster trucks and go mad, earning points, winning races, nailing stunts and showing off your skills to others. We find an expanded roster of trucks in place though, with no less than 38 to choose from, all with weird names like Sparkle Smash, Megalodon, Higher Education, Avenger, and Backwards Bob. With each upgradeable, and each having hidden world secrets attached, playing through things with the entire roster will be something of interest. 

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 will provide plenty of game time too. You’ve got your standard arena events that see you showing off to the crowds, you’ve got open world racing, complete with circuit, skirmish and waypoint varieties, and you’ve got the chance to explore at will. You see, the new worlds found in Steel Titans 2 will have the collectible juices flowing, as you – and some mates should you be able to drag them along for the ride – go on the hunt. 

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Our full review of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 on Xbox Series X|S will be swiftly moving your way real soon so keep an eye out for those thoughts. But if you are sold, or if you liked what was provided first time around and need more of a monster fix the usual digital stores will cover the bases required.

Edit: Our full review of Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 on Xbox is now live.

You’ll find the game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. There are two editions as well, the standard drop which becomes available from the 2nd March, and the one that kicks it all off now – that of the £53.74 Power Out Bundle. Not only does that allow for early access but you’ll gain both the original game, the new Steel Titans 2, an exclusive Inverse Higher Education truck and three DLC packs that originally launched for the first game – with one of those being the Fire & Ice pack. There’s a lot to love about this Power Up Bundle and it’s seriously worth consideration. 

Edit: 02/03/21 – With the arrival of the standard edition of the game a new Inverse Truck Pack has also dropped. For £4.19, this brings four new trucks to the Monster Jam 2 party, with Inverse editions of Grave Digger, Northern Nightmare, Monster Mutt Dalmatian and Alien Invasion!

Let us know what you think though. Does Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 get you all hot and sticky? The comments are down below. 

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Game Description:

More Trucks! New Worlds! Monster Jam Steel Titans 2! Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 features more fan-favorite trucks in brand new Monster Jam worlds! Brand new online multiplayer modes, 38 trucks to choose from and five new outdoor worlds! Drivers train at Camp Crushmore and compete in authentic stadiums to become the ultimate champion! More Trucks! Truck roster features 38 of the greatest trucks in Monster Jam history, including Higher Education, Sparkle Smash and Grave Digger! New Worlds! Five all-new Monster Jam Worlds that expand the Monster Jam universe! Explore and uncover Monster Jam secrets. Competition! Compete just like the pros in 12 authentic stadiums and game modes inspired by the real-world shows! Perform your favorite stunts! Bicycles, Stoppies, Moonwalks, Walk Its, Cyclones, Pogos, Power Outs and Back-Flips! Improved Gameplay! Enjoy a range of improvements in physics, career and exploration!


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