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Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset Review


The gaming headset market is fast coming close to saturation point. With big name brands taking the high-end honours, pushing out trickle down technology into the mid-range section, and even coming to market with many super cheap alternatives, there is little room for manoeuvre for those without big budgets and big names behind them. But occasionally up pops a little gem, taking the big dogs on in more ways than one. And that is what is happening here with the Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset. For whilst it’s a relatively cheap purchase, it manages to hold up to provide a more than acceptable audio experience. Just don’t expect it to deliver the ‘pro’ aspects the name implies. 

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A stereo headset that features surround sound, the Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset belies its cheap price point, working in a multiplatform route which sees it cater for gamers across a range of devices. Basically put, if you’ve got a 3.5mm jack situated on your controller, PC or console of choice, this will work with ease. And yep, that means that those rocking the most latest of Xbox One controllers will be catered for. 

Black and silver in colour, and weighing in at 400 grams on the dot, the Mpow EG3 Pro utilises a suspension-styled headband, one that means the outer structure is kept well away from your head at all times, instead leaving your comfort to the well-padded inner headband and superbly cushioned round earcups. Without a word of a lie, this combination of Mpow branded headband and large, round, leatherette earcups means that you can wear this headset for hours at a time, with hardly a modicum of unpleasantness coming to the fore. 

The only problem that comes with this though is that the earcups are so big that they fail to provide a properly secure seal around the ear, occasionally feeling loose to the fit and allowing for a degree of sound leakage. But with 50mm internal drivers housed inside, and what seems like a well-worked degree of sound provided by these, this is possibly the price you need to pay. Personally, if the earcups were just a tiny bit smaller then I’d have no complaints at all. 

The audio delivered is consistent at all times, no matter whether you are using these to play games on Xbox One, pinpointing shots in the most intense shooter, or kicking back and chatting with mates via party chat – I’ve been impressed by what is being delivered. Perhaps it’s not the loudest though, and this certainly comes to the fore when using them on a laptop for music listening sessions. Again, if just a smidge more power and a larger volume range could have been found, than I’d be happier. It runs slightly on the tinnier side of things to other brands too. But while that may put off many, it’ll certainly work for others.

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With any gaming headset though it’s not just about the sounds that come in via the earcups, and the Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset is a cinch to use for voice chat. The constantly attached flexible boom mic is always within reach and can be positioned to suit, right in front of the mouth if required. From day one I’ve had friends compliment the sounds this high-sensitivity mic has provided, and whilst it isn’t totally crystal clear like that you’ll find in the most high-end of sets, it’s not going to be something that has you fiddling around with settings forever more. It really is a case of plug and play here with the EG3 Pro.

Talking plug and play, and as mentioned previously this will work with all manner of devices thanks to the attached anti-twist braided rope cable with 3.5mm lead. Running inline controls that are easy to reach for muting and audio volume dial purposes, this has got to be one of the longest cables I’ve ever had the pleasure of using on a gaming headset. Coming in at around 2.4m/8ft long, I’d go as far to say that it is too long. In fact, I have absolutely no idea why Mpow have felt the need to include a cable that is so lengthy. It’s a pain too, constantly getting in the way and mixing up with the 4D armrests on my favourite Noblechairs Hero gaming chair. I’m not one to usually be bothered by using a wired headset, but I really do wish the cable on this was slightly shorter. It’s not helped by the inclusion of an integrated USB-A end either, with this weighing things down. 

But why is USB-A included? Well, by plugging the EG3 Pro into your nearest USB source you’ll be presented with the opportunity to light up the outer cups, in this case in a cool futuristic Tron blue. It’s a nice little touch, but does come with a rather big caveat – in order to utilise this feature you’ll need the USB connected device to consistently be within just a few inches of your controller, for the split in the cable – where one end goes to 3.5mm jack and the other being the USB – is far, far too short. I’m sitting here wondering why on earth the whole power feature has even been implemented. It just makes no sense unless you sit and game at a desk, leaning forward into the action with a console or PC right next to where you use your controller. I could certainly do without the fancy gimmicks for a shorter cable, the exclusion of USB-A and absolutely no lights. I’d go as far to say it would make the EG3 Pro a better headset all round. 

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So, it may not live up to the Pro moniker that is attached, but what Mpow have managed to create with the EG3 Pro Gaming Headset is worthy of consideration. A fairly cheap price point and ease of use across multiple formats means that this should well fit the lifestyle of many, and when you throw in the reasonably light weight, the brilliant comfort, and the more than acceptable sounds it provides, if you’re in the market for a new headset then the Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset should certainly be one to consider. Forget about the stupid fancy lights and power that can be attained via USB-A and there is definitely room in the market for this plucky option. 

Massive thanks to Mpow for sending over the EG3 Pro Gaming Headset for full review and unboxing purposes. If you wish to pick up the headset for yourself then you’ll find it available over on Amazon for around £39.99

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