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Hugely focused on the narrative, Citizen Sleeper is a new sci-fi RPG adventure in which you’ll get the chance to follow the life of a Sleeper – you best make sure the choices you make are good ones. 

Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC (through Steam, GOG, Epic and Humble) and good old Game Pass, Citizen Sleeper from Fellow Traveller and their developmental friends at Jump Over The Age thrusts you into a world that is full of ruin; the ruins of interplanetary capitalism. 

A game that has been inspired by the roleplayers found in the tabletop scene, should you delve into Citizen Sleeper then you should be readying yourself for a ton of reading. The narrative here is deep, and it’s with that in which you’ll find the immersion of Citizen Sleeper. And scattered amongst that are dice-fuelled cycles, the tracking of pretty much every action available and more. 

The key features you need to know are…

  • • ACTION DICE – Each cycle you roll your dice. Assign them to a vast range of actions available on the station. With every action, choose what, and who, matters to you, shaping the lives of those around you, and ultimately the future of the station.
  • • TICKING CLOCKS – Clocks track both your actions and the actions of others across the station. From becoming a local at the Overlook Bar to protecting a friend from Yatagan enforcers, clocks allow you to track your own progress and the influence you have on the world around you.
  • • DRIVES + SKILLS – Follow drives not quests, allowing you to pick and choose the stories and activities that matter to you. As you do, you will shape your character’s five skills (Engineer, Interface, Endure, Intuit and Engage), unlocking perks and bonuses that reflect and change how you choose to live in this world.

It’s a game that we’ve been hands-on with for some time already, and we’ve found that it’s been able to provide some good character design and storytelling, alongside a rather unique tabletop inspired twist. Perhaps it becomes a little easy in the latter stages, but our full review of Citizen Sleeper on Xbox Series X|S is well worth a read, detailing exactly what you need to know. 

If you’re sold, get over to the Xbox Store and grab a download. Whether you pay cash (£16.74 ish), or utilise Game Pass is up to you. You’ll also find it on Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Game Description:

ROLEPLAYING IN THE RUINS OF INTERPLANETARY CAPITALISM From the developer of In Other Waters, and featuring the stunning character art of Guillaume Singelin, Citizen Sleeper is a narrative RPG set on Erlin’s Eye, a ruined space station that is home to thousands of people trying to survive on the edges of an interstellar capitalist society. You are a sleeper, a digitised human consciousness in an artificial body, owned by a corporation that wants you back. Thrust amongst the unfamiliar and colourful inhabitants of the Eye, you need to build friendships, earn your keep, and navigate the factions of this strange metropolis, if you hope to survive to see the next cycle. INSPIRED BY TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING GAMES Citizen Sleeper uses dice, clocks and drives to create a player-led experience, where you choose your path in a rich and responsive world.

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