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Puzzlers are pretty much two-a-penny in the gaming world, with us customers never failing to be drawn in by a test of the mind. Neverout is found launching on Xbox One with the same vibe – just that a little twist in proceedings sees the opportunity for every wall to become a floor!

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Neverout is one of the cheapest games available, with a £3.59 price tag attached to the download. I guess this means you shouldn’t be heading into the action expecting to find a Game of the Year contender, but what you will get is a mysterious puzzle game that is found trying new things.

Neverout drops you into a small room – one that emits a claustrophobic feel – leaving you to try and escape. But with only one solution to the puzzle, and every movement seeing what was once a wall become a floor, it won’t be an easy task. Throw in the addition of heavy items, giant spikes to impale yourself on, or the chance to be electrocuted, and this simple puzzle will certainly try to chew you up and spit you out.

More than 60 puzzles are promised in Neverout and when you take into account the super cheap price point, the cash to content ratio is high with this unique little puzzler.

Interested? Can’t give it a miss? Neverout on Xbox One can be grabbed right now from the Xbox Store. Surely that price it comes with means it is well worth a look? Well, our upcoming full review will certainly be able to provide some kind of insight, but the smart ones out there will no doubt find that this is a game well worth taking an immediate punt on anyways.

Even better is the fact that Neverout makes the most of Xbox Play Anywhere too.

Let us know what you decide to do. The comments section is down below. Just be aware, this isn’t called Neverout for nothing!

Game Description:

It will lock you down in a room and won’t let you escape. Will you survive, or ever get out? Your only choice is to find your way to the next room – but watch out, as many traps lie ahead. Wander around for hours solving over 60 beautifully crafted levels. Neverout is a mysterious puzzle game. It puts you in a small, claustrophobic room that has only one way out and its unique mechanics allow every wall to become the floor. Watch out for something heavy, giant spikes, or getting electrocuted!

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