Just a couple days ago, we brought you news of a brand-new difficulty mode that’s set to arrive alongside the physical disc release of Hitman: Complete First Season. However, it seems that the guys over at IO Interactive weren’t quite finished with their surprises and today bring news of even more new and free content to coincide with the physical release arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on January 31st.

Those who have eagerly awaited each new episode throughout the past year will be familiar with the gift of a free bonus episode. After all, back last summer IO Interactive were kind enough to bring early adopters of Agent 47’s latest outing a free bonus episode that consisted of two separate ICA missions, taking players back to two of the previous episode locations in Sapienza and Marakesh, treating us to a new layout of the maps and an entirely fresh batch of targets to assassinate.

Well it seems the arrival of the physical release has sparked more love for the fans at IO Interactive as today marks the announcement of another free episode content drop. Yes, that’s right, those looking to get back into action with Agent 47 will have an entirely new episode, Landslide, to sink their teeth into when it arrives January 31st.


Landslide looks set to send players back to the sun soaked streets of Sapienza once more, where locals have gathered in the piazza for a small concert by the harbour.

The target – Marco Abiatti, a wealthy businessman with ties to the mafia, turned right-wing politician. Marco has staged an early evening event near Sapienza’s beach. The contract is laid out, and it’s up to you as the world’s deadliest assassin to ensure that this would-be patrician does not become mayor.

In addition to the free bonus episode, IO Interactive are marking the nineteenth elusive target for players to track down – he known as The Blackmailer – now live. Current players can head over to Paris now to track down The Blackmailer. Those looking to rise to the challenge when the complete collection arrives January 31st will also be able to get in on the challenge with The Blackmailer elusive target available for 240 hours from Friday 27th January to Monday 6th February.

This will be the first elusive target available for newcomers and with that in mind there are several things to note before taking on the elusive missions available in Hitman.

Elusive Target Missions are live content missions published for Hitman in-between episodes and represent a new game mode for newcomers to the series. Elusive Targets are not easy but those who prove themselves a worthy assassin can expect exclusive rewards for taking them down.

The Elusive Targets are specially crafted missions with unique targets and a strict rule list accompanying them. Each target is a once in a lifetime experience, and are only available for a limited time period in-game. On top of this, mission intel will be strictly limited and will not appear on the in-game mini map, meaning the locations of these targets will not be known and you will need to go in search of them. Those fond of using Instinct mode to help track down targets will need to raise their game as Elusive Targets will not appear in there either.

Once tracked down they should be approached cautiously, Elusive Targets are always heavily guarded, making planning essential for the perfect assassination. Another thing you must remember is that targets can only die once, this means if you die in the mission after apprehending your target then the mission will be over and you will fail. Taking these missions on can be done at any time in the available period but once a mission expires it is gone forever.

Finally, if you die, there are no second chances. Elusive Targets are valuable individuals and failure is permanent. Don’t miss out.

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So there we have it, another free content drop for fans to sink their teeth into and another excellent reason to head back into this world of Agent 47.

Hitman is available to buy now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC via the Full Experience and Intro Pack offers or can be purchased separately in physical form from January 31st 2017.

Good luck Agents.


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