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New cosmetics and credits arrive in the Marvel’s Avengers Rivalry – Incredible Pack

marvels avengers rivalry incredible pack

Marvel’s Avengers may not have gone down as well as the Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics teams would have wished for, and the announcement of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy may have more recently come to the fore, but that doesn’t mean the Avengers are about to be pushed off to one side. Today in fact it’s those Avengers who are getting a bit of a makeover as new cosmetics and additional in-game credits arrive for use in the Marvel’s Avengers Rivalry – Incredible Pack. 

The latest addition to Marvel’s Avengers, the Rivalry – Incredible Pack will see you given the opportunity to embrace your powers, and to reassemble, rebuild and customise your Avengers squad like never before. Most of that power comes about via the 1050 in-game Credits that are included in the £7.99 Pack but that will let you go ahead and purchase all manner of outfits, emotes and more, with full inspiration coming from the Marvel Comics world. 

But there’s more and the pack will also allow you to gather up interest in six new cosmetic items with the Illustrious outfit for Iron Man, a Fireworks emote and 002 Nameplate rocking up. Further is Captain America’s Ultimate Patriot outfir, a Shield Play emote and the 030 Nameplate. 

If you’re looking to help defend Earth for years to come, then it’s the Marvel’s Avengers who will step up to the plate and with the new Rivalry – Incredible DLC pack, it’s you who can help them like never before. 

You’ll be able to pick up the pack by visiting the Xbox Store and adding it to your Marvel’s Avengers base game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You should also find the pack available on other formats too. 

DLC Description:

1000 Credits + 50 Bonus Credits & Cosmetic Items to redeem in Marvel’s Avengers

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