It’s time for your Earthfall experience to be enhanced and today Holospark has launched the latest free update for the game!

Hitting the cooperative online first-person shooter comes the latest Earthfall update for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

This introduces the devastating new ValkBait grenade, a host of new skins, an extension of the player progression system with levels 51 through 65 added, and an updated audio design for those who love a melee weapon or two.

Led by Oscar-nominee Alan Rankin, renowned Hollywood sound studio Formosa Group was brought on by Holospark earlier this year to completely revamp Earthfall’s sound design. You would have found this work first hitting with the October Invasion Update, which updated the audio of the game’s ballistic weapons. In this update however, you will now hear improved and realistic audio for the game’s melee weapons.

“Following on the success of Earthfall: Invasion, our latest update expands on many of Earthfall’s most requested features,” said Russell Williams, CEO of Holospark. “We’re adding new progression levels and a host of new items to unlock. Not to mention, thanks to the amazing work of Formosa Group, smacking aliens around the head has never sounded better!”

Each of the new skins and weapon charms can be unlocked by hitting the new player progression levels, with the following becoming available:

  • New Character Skin: Spacesuit
  • New Character Skin: Mixer
  • New Weapons Skin: Glintec – Blue
  • New Weapons Skin: Glintec – Orange
  • New Weapons Skin: MP5 – Space Age 01
  • New Weapons Skin: Golden Guns
  • New Weapons Charm: Key
  • New Weapons Charm: Sapper
  • New Weapons Charm: Thresher
  • New Weapons Charm: Whiplash
  • New Weapons Charm: Beast

For free, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be checking out this update in Earthfall. If you haven’t yet fallen into the world it delivers, then check out our review and then get yourself over to a digital store in order to pick the game up.


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