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If you’re after madcap quirky humour, then Human: Fall Flat on Xbox One provides it. Now though there’s even more of that craziness in place as a new free Steam Level hits the game.

Available to add into your existing Human: Fall Flat experience on Xbox One, the free Steam Level sees things begin to heat up, as we get whisked to a steam-powered industrial unit in order to solve new puzzles and work with a multitude of new mechanical ideas.

As you would probably expect to hear, the Steam Level focuses its time on water vapour and so you’ll be left to work your magic with barrels, pipes and furnaces, in an attempt to reach the exit.

Human: Fall Flat is available as a free download to those who have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, and so getting access to even more free goodies is an easy enough task. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to play the game alone or with friend either, as both local and online opportunities are there to be had.

Should you not have Game Pass, or you just want to get a cemented version of Human: Fall Flat on Xbox One, then there is a bundle available which throws this free Steam Level in AND cuts the standard price point. A mere £5.99 seems ridiculously good value for money.

If you wish to know more about Human: Fall Flat, make sure you hit up our full review.

DLC Description:

Things are heating in in ‘Steam’, the latest free update to hit Human: Fall Flat. This brand-new core level is set in a steam-powered industrial environment, where new puzzles and mechanics revolve around making the abundant amounts of water vapour work for you. Start an industrial revolution, manipulate barrels, pipes, furnaces and more to make your way to the exit, and have your friends join you to play in two-player local co-op or up to eight-player online multiplayer.

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