The first major title update since Iceborne has now been released for Monster Hunter World, and along with a brand-new monster to hunt, there are lots of free and paid add-on content packs to allow you to customise your room in Seliana.

monster hunter world iceborne

Firstly, the new update brings the deadly Rajang into MHW for the first time. Having first appeared in Monster Hunter 2, this new version has a visual upgrade and additional moves, whilst maintaining his terrifying power.

Their arrival also opens up a new biome in the Guiding Lands – the end-game area – known as the Volcanic Region where players will first hunt the deadly Rajang. And of course, a new monster means new loot which means new gear to craft!

Moving on to the DLC, and this is mainly focussed on your room in Seliana. Since the release of Iceborne, players have had the opportunity to customise their room to their hearts content, but there are several new additions available from the Xbox Store.

Monster Figures have been added to decorate your room and the first downloadable one is the Great Jagras. Typically the first monster you hunt in the entire game, having the figure in the room allows you to inspect it up close and personal, without it trying to eat you. If that wasn’t good enough, this DLC is free, providing you already own Iceborne!

monster hunter world cute decor

Moving onto the paid DLC, the Cute Décor Set is priced at £7.99 but for that you can completely transform your room into a pink, fluffy paradise. There are 28 different options to choose from in this pack with such items as Cute Table, Cute Bed, Cute Rugs, Cute Wall Shelf and Cute Floor. Basically, it’s cute!

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Next up – priced at £1.59 – is the Giant Stuffed Doll Set. Again, all items to decorate your room but these dolls are based on in-game animals felynes, poogies and grimalkynes. These all feature patchwork-like designs that may or may not steal your heart upon first glance.

This update already adds a music player into your room to be able to change the BGM whilst in there, but the next piece of DLC brings a set of four additional songs. Priced at £3.19, Additional BGM Set Vol. 1 includes the tracks ‘A Brand New Day’, ‘The Gracious Villagers’, ‘Moga on the Sea’ and ‘Harbor of the Sun – Val Habar’ to be able to listen to whenever you are in your room. Stick a song on and relax in your private hot pool after a hard days hunting. Bliss.

monster hunter world giant stuffed doll

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Monster Hunter World content drop without some new stickers, would it? Coming in at £1.59, Sticker Set: Iceborne Monsters Set brings five new stickers for you to add to your pre-set menu.

But don’t worry if all this customisation worries you that you won’t be able to share it; this latest update also allows you to make your room public to other players so they can drop in and visit!

The base game of Monster Hunter World is currently on Game Pass and as our review tells you, is well worth your time if you are a subscriber. All these bonus pieces of DLC are on the Xbox Store, but the Iceborne expansion is required for some of them so best to check before purchasing. And as always, let us know in the comments below if you are picking any of them up!

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